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Voice of Choice - RELATIONSHIPS


Do you feel stuck, uninspired, lonely or just not good enough in the relationships in your life? Then this inspired gathering is for you. It is about how we show up in the relationships that matter the most and how this is affecting the way they look, feel and play out. Often, when the relationships we care most about aren't going the way we think they should go, we decide to leave, quit or tap out emotionally.

What if the way the relationships are has more to do with you than it does with the other person? What if the way we are showing up has a lot to do with the quality of the relationships. When we begin to take full responsibility for how WE are, or are not, engaging within any relationship, the potential for a different outcome is guaranteed.

This is not about shaming or blaming anyone. It is not about complaining or finger pointing. And it's not about pity, sympathy or sharing anything more than we choose to share. It is about looking in the mirror. Deciding what we want. Declaring deliberate actions that move us in the direction we WANT to move in. Taking full responsibility. Living the life WE choose not the life we think we have to live.

Register today. Register with a group of 5 for a major savings. Register for all 3 events and save again. This is your gift to yourself and the people that matter the most.

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