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Your Potential


Is the first step to lasting change. You cannot change without it.


Deliberate and imperfect steps in the face of fear that create lasting change.


Are a direct reflection of your thinking, your actions, and your behaviors.

Get instant access to my free Masterclass. 

Designed to help you clarify your purpose and gain awareness of yourself.

Free Masterclass


Coaching is a unique method of inspiring positive, intentional change that focuses on action and thinking that are future focused.  It's done by holding space for the client to generate new awareness and choices by creative questioning that opens doors to insights previously not visited.  This form of coaching directs positive change in any area of life.


Each of these programs has been created to inspire change in a certain area of life.  Whether you are ready to make massive transformational changes in all areas with Divine Warriors or Finding ME or just wanting to explore a certain area, there is something here for you.  With or without coaching added on, these programs will create new awareness, new choices, new results.


Soul Conversations with Mia is a powerful podcast series about our beautiful, messy, and imperfect transformational journeys.  In the series we explore being human through the power of stories, wisdom, and experiences while also diving into the obstacles and hurdles that being human often presents. We connect to our higher self while unapologetically stepping into our greatness. We use wisdom as our currency and awareness as our lens as we change our current reality into our desired reality.  Listen and dream big while you bust apart your fears and grow wings.


What People Are Saying

"She was the catalyst that ignited a transformation in body and in spirit and for this, I will forever be thankful."


"Mia, thank you for changing the way I look and see everything.  I see the world in colour now!"


"I told a friend the other day that the world would be a better place if everyone had a Mia.  Thank you so much for giving me a chance to take back my life."


"She is a true vessel of inspiration, healing, hope, love and creativity. I am forever grateful for her guidance."


“Her genuine approach in helping others to ignite their passion is incredible! I’m so excited to be on this journey of self-discovery and I highly recommend her as your life coach"

Steps to Get Started with  Mia Jerritt

Step 1: Let’s Chat 

Set up a connection call with me to help you develop your custom plan. 

Step 2: Reserve Your Spot

Book your time slot for your connection call. 

Step 3: Unleash your true potential 

Through the power of coaching, you will discover awareness, action and results.

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