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Each of these programs has been created to inspire change in a certain area of life.  Whether you are ready to make massive transformational changes in all areas with Divine Warriors or Finding ME or just wanting to explore a certain area, there is something here for you.  With or without coaching added on, these programs will create new awareness, new choices, new results.

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Detox Your Mind

Detox Your Mind was built to support you by creating a new relationship with weight, body image and food.

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Dream Greater

This inspirational program was created to guide you away from your current reality which may have you feeling lost, unfulfilled, and frustrated, towards your desired reality of excitement, inspiration, wisdom, peace and freedom.

Divine Warriors

This entire program is open enrollment, MEANING - start when you are ready to start and go at your own pace.

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Finding Me Formula

We are witnessing a global awakening and women are at the forefront of this movement. We are standing up and saying 'NO'. We are standing up and saying 'YES'. We are no longer settling, or fitting into a box, we no longer fit in. We are learning to reach out and ask for help and support. We are lifting our sisters up and celebrating their wins and embracing them through their most difficult times. We are expanding, growing and letting go. We are accepting that which no longer serves us.

This space is for you to grow, collaborate, share, expand, support, learn and soar.

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