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Organizational Work

"Inner Work + Outward Performance = Ripple Effect"
Mia is a Cultural Change Influencer & a Conscious Leader Expert
Managing complex change is a formula that requires specific criteria. When when one of the criteria is missing the outcome can be frustration, false starts, anxiety, confusion, or slow change. When more than one ingredient is missing the environment is one of fear, uncertainty, and divisiveness. Understanding how to fluidly move from a position of transaction to one of transformation is the role I play as a powerful Cultural Change Influencer and Conscious Leader.

I work with organizations, corporations, businesses, and associations who understand the workplace is more than a workplace, it’s a human place.  A place where what you do isn’t as valuable as who you are being when doing the work.   This is because many people in bottom line-driven-organizations have not, traditionally, been open to looking at their ‘corporate soul’. 

Who you are being as you implement, study, and observe strategies determines the quality of the relationships within an organization; the high performance outcomes that are desired; the authenticity of the company in the eyes of the client and the employees; and most importantly, the shared success of the organization.

I work in settings that wish to understand how spiritual breakthroughs actually increase the corporate bottom line and how corporate resistance to spirituality keeps the client stuck.  My multi-layered approach includes 1:1, group, virtual, in-person, quarterly sessions, year end retreats. 

My mission is for these changes to ripple out into all areas of life.  If this resonates, let’s chat about where you are and where you desire to be.   

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Les Postnikoff
Global Executive Consultant

"I first met Mia several years ago over coffee and we have stayed in touch ever since. She is a sage who effortlessly creates space for meaningful conversations. Mia helps people from all over the world forge new paths of change that help them get from where they are to where they would rather be. She is constantly learning and works very hard to help others think better, do better and be better."

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Bill Parkinson -
College Business Professor
Retirement Coach

"Mia is a status quo disruptor and a driver of change at both the personal and organizational levels.  With decades of experience and a

deep understanding of the coaching process, she is authentically able to meet individuals and organizational leaders where they are

at to create the conditions for change and improvement.  I have benefitted personally and professionally from her mentorship and guidance

in my own growth and development.  I highly recommend her work to you without reservation."

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Steven Gilette
VP of Operations - 

 "Mia is amazing at guiding you to find the things that are holding you back or making you feel stuck, but also helping you to see a future with much greater possibilities which she empowers you to go after it. If you are open, I guarantee Mia will help to bring you a whole new energy and outlook on life, and show you what you can do and where you can go."

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