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About Me

I am a powerful spiritual and transformational coach for consciously awakened individuals and organizations who are ready to up-level their world to match their soul driven purpose and vision. I am unapologetically fearless as I walk in my truth, own my divine gifts, and use my voice to create the biggest and boldest breakthroughs possible for my clients.  I specialize in working with organizations and executives who aspire to create an environment of cultural connectedness and change which results in high value outcomes and a ripple effect which extends beyond the workplace.  

I am boundless energy, enthusiasm, and honesty, as well as sincerity, humility, and compassion and I bring this to every client's journey.


Organizations are attracted to my leadership and coaching style because I have repeatedly proven I create success for myself, my community, and my clients. I value integrity, leadership, high performance, and kindness. I am firmly rooted in the concepts of cultural change, re-invention, creativity, and PEACE. Clients who are seeking my skillset have the means to create this type of life or environment but are missing the knowledge, tools, and understanding of how to facilitate this powerful way of upscaling their personal or professional BEING.  


Detach from Ego | Tap into Greatness   

Develop Conversational Intelligence | Distinguish Purpose

Create Trust & Clarity | Generate High Value Outcomes

Change the future by creating THE RIPPLE EFFECT

"I create a ripple effect on the world around  me."

My Ripple Effect

My mission is to create a ripple effect that transcends the confines of the workplace and of ‘I’.  To generate ripples that extend into home, volunteer, church, health, relationships, community, and beyond.  To bridge the gap between people and business and business and soul by creating conscious leadership based on authorship, significance, harmony, success.  Yes - you can have both. 


As the Dalai Lama once said, “Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into the water, the actions of individuals can have far reaching effects.”

Training course
Our Mission
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My Story

I am from tiny.  I am from tough.  I am from white. I am from unique.

I have known 14 towns. 8 schools. 26 houses. 

I am from change, nomad, fearlessness, diversity.

I am from nowhere and everywhere AND I am Canadian.

I am from the marriage of fiestas and bootleg coal.   Tequila and moonshine. 

I am from observation.  I am from wisdom.  I am from an old soul living in a young mind. 

I am from Buddhism, Catholicism, Hara Krishna, Fijian spirituality, Christian, Protestant, Southern Baptist.  I am from none of them.

I am from athlete and clown and multi-tasking machine and peace seeker. 

I have lived -52 & +44.  I am rain.  I am sun.  I am wind.  I am snow.  I am saltwater. I am freshwater. I am flat. I am mountainous.  I am vastness. 

I am from miles and miles of adventures spread over a lifetime and a globe.  Big and small.  Far and near.  Painful and lazy.  Inspiring and entertaining.  

I am from love.  And I’ve experienced so much beautiful pain.

I am from the success of failure. 

Always an insatiable seeker.  Lands.  People.  Concepts.  Change.  

I am from Mother Earth, and she is my source.

I am from the gift of motherhood, grand motherhood, wife, friend, daughter, sister.  

I am from gratitude, Spirituality, Source.  

I am from before, I am from not yet, I am from NOW. 


I am from the ripple effect I choose to create in the world.

It's a pleasure to meet you. 

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