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Co-create with Mia

Mia is a Cultural Change & Transformation Expert

“As a Multi-faceted Professional Coach, it’s my job to create space for you to discover new pathways that lead to powerful and lasting change. I am here to serve as your mentor, motivator, bull-shit meter, accountability partner, sounding board, inspiration, and cheerleader. I will push you to grow and change even when you feel like giving up. My passion is to listen to what you’re not saying and to ask questions that you have not been asked before. It’s in this clear, open space that you will generate your greatest insights, and from this new place of clarity, create the actions required to move you toward the goals you set for yourself. I am not selling a product, or blocks of time - I am inviting you to create your own transformation.”


You are ready to move mountains if:


  • You are willing to let go of the past and move towards your future life.

  • You are ready to let go of the limiting beliefs that hold you stuck.

  • You are looking for a higher form of relationship with self and others.

  • You have a life project or a BHAG.

  • You are open to going deep and looking in the mirror.  Your mirror. 


“I will be your greatest champion as we create space for you to challenge your beliefs and your comfort zone which will ultimately change the way you live your personal and professional life. Although I take my Coaching work VERY seriously, I don’t take life, or myself too seriously, so be prepared to laugh while you cry.”

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Spirituality/ Mindset
Business/ Entrepreneur
Private Coaching

I work with people to help them transform from who they thought they were, into who they are truly meant to be. If you're ready to invest in YOUR wholeness, YOUR greatness, and YOUR potential, with no apologies or excuses, then let’s chat today! It's time to experience freedom through this work.


My work in transformational coaching allows me to guide you from a place of knowledge and experience in the 8 different areas of life which include career, health, wealth, and relationships.

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