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Mia Jerritt Life Coach

“As your Coach, my job is to create space for you to discover new pathways that lead to powerful and lasting change. I am here to serve as your mentor, motivator, bull-shit meter, accountability partner, sounding board, inspiration, and cheerleader. I will push you to grow and change even when you feel like giving up. My job as your Coach is to listen to what you’re not saying and to ask questions that you have not been asked before. It’s in this clear, open space that you will generate your greatest insights, and from this new place of clarity, create the actions required to move you towards the goals you have set for yourself. I am not selling you a product, or time - I am inviting you to create your own transformation.”


You are ready to move mountains if:


You are willing to let go of the past in order to move towards your future life.

You are ready to let go of the judgment that holds you where you are.

You are looking for a new relationship with self and others.

You have a life project.

You are open to going deep

She will be your greatest champion as she holds the space for you to challenge your comfort zone which will ultimately change the way you live both your personal and professional life. Although Mia takes Coaching VERY seriously, she doesn’t take life, or herself too seriously, so be prepared to laugh while you cry.

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Spirituality/ Mindset
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Business/ Entrepreneur


Coaching is a powerful way to tap into your limitless potential. Regardless of which area of your life you choose to work on, the foundation of coaching is the critical first step to creating lasting change. Below are some areas you may want to consider when considering your coaching relationship.

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For most of us, our relationships are the most important part of our life, and also the most challenging. Understanding how to bridge the gap between what we know to be true and what we think to be true, can be a profound turning point in any relationship. You will learn to have an authentic dialogue from a place of pure intention in order to change the dynamic of any conversation.


This is an area I am very passionate about.  If you're stuck in the stories you have been telling yourself for years and finding it impossible to see a way off the hamster wheel, this will shine a spotlight on the areas of life that are shrouded in darkness and hold you from achieving all that you desire in life. The field of personal growth is limitless and it is where all profound, personal and permanent change comes from.


When you attach your future goals to your past results, you will inevitably end up with the same outcomes. This area of coaching moves you away from negative self-talk, which holds you hostage to past results, and teaches you how to move yourself out of the way and achieve the results you are looking for. This is not about the next diet, the latest exercise fad, the best personal trainer, it's about changing the way you think. Nothing changes until you do.

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If you feel stuck in your job or your career, you are not alone.  Millions of people spend their whole lives working in a career they don't enjoy.  This coaching explores ways to change your current working environment, your current job or your current career by looking at the realm of possibilities outside of the current comfort zone. 

"The best leaders' go where they are needed but not necessarily wanted and stay until they are wanted but not necessarily needed." 

- Rosalynn Carter

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This coaching arena can be done for one person or as a team.  It is about learning to communicate openly, trust completely, share confidently, acknowledge accordingly and support unconditionally.  Understanding that to fail as a leader and as a team also means to learn because without failure you are simply standing still.  In this form of corporate re-invention we will explore how to move the barriers which create set-backs, or worse, mediocrity.  When you change the way you look at things; the things you look at change.


Are you in a situation that seems daunting or overwhelming around money?  This is an area of life where pro-active practices and a lot of discipline will help you overcome the financial situation you find yourself in.  The coaching conversation around finances and budgeting centers around priorities and past experiences.  When you change your thinking, anything is possible.

Thank you, Mia

Private Coaching

I work with people to help them transform from who they thought they were, into who they are truly meant to be. If you're ready to invest in YOUR wholeness, YOUR greatness, and YOUR potential, with no apologies or excuses, then let’s chat today! It's time to experience freedom through this work.


My work in transformational coaching allows me to guide you from a place of knowledge and experience in the 8 different areas of life which include career, health, wealth, and relationships.

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