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Finding your Voice is a 3-part (6 hour) Zoom series created to continue the conversation from Voice of Choice. This series is dedicated to meeting each amazing participant where they are on their journey. This insightful, creative and inspiring experience will take you through your fears, strategies and carefully constructed stories to a place on the other side where choice, freedom and joy live. You will each work through your ‘Freedom Wheel’; core values and wheel of life; ego state and centered state; and much much more.


The most important things to know coming into this program is that you are not alone on this journey and you are not expected to ‘share’ anything other than what feels right to you. This is not about airing dirty laundry or inappropriate sharing, it’s about exploring what we do from a place of curiosity and compassion and then deciding what we want to do with this new awareness.


The beauty of everything we create in the program is how it spills over into every area of your personal lives. This work attracts amazing, courageous, insightful, curious, determined and powerful women to action. Space will always be limited to 12 and the cost for each program is $275.00. Please note, it is possible to make up a class from a different series if you know you will miss one of your sessions.


To host a private Find your Voice series, please contact Mia for details on how to make this happen! Minimum of 8 participants required.


To hire Mia privately for one-to-one coaching contact her via THIS LINK.


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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