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A Letter from Mother Earth

Are you listening?

And can you hear.

Do you see me.

Are you near.

What are you saying.

Why can’t we hear.

The balance of life is simply so clear.

We’ve lost our way.

And chosen to stray.

To a dangerous place full of nothing but grey.

A life without love.

A life without grace.

A life with gaps stuffed with nothing but haste.

We are too busy to hear what you say.

Too busy to see how much we love pain.

Our addiction too strong to hear our own hearts.

Telling us what we can no longer fain.

Your message is insanely clear.

Get grounded in love - get grounded in here.

Bow down to the simplicity of each and every now.

And shelve those old thoughts that are making you drown.

We are so out of balance.

And so out of time.

The rhythm of love no longer in rhyme.

The floods are your tears and the fires your rage.

The earthquakes are the pounding in your ears.

You’re tsunamis remind us who is in control.

And without your whispers we will continue to fall.

But the sun still rises and in it there’s hope.

Peace, love and freedom is how we cope.

And gratitude lies within each tiny blossom.

To remind us how much she never gives up.

It’s time to balance our aggression with love.

And appease our addictions to right and to wrong.

To lay down our fears and stop our fight.

So we can return to the place that has never been gone.

Can you forgive us if we bow down?

And create our new normal before we all drown?

We hear you Mother Earth.

We won’t let you down.

We hear you Mother Earth - we won’t let you down.

Written by Professional Coach, Mia Jerritt

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