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Be responsible for how you show up.

When was the last time you took full responsibility for how you showed up in your life?  In your career?  Your relationship with your significant other?  Your family and friends.  Taking full responsibility for how you act, speak and think in every interaction in life is a powerful way of showing up.  The greatest challenge I have found as a coach, human, wife, sister, mother is to allow the other person(s) to take full responsibility for how THEY are showing up as well.  In other words, not taking on their reactions, responses, decisions or outcomes is equally as important as how you are showing up.  Easy to say and not so easy to do.  All things worth changing require practice.

When you allow others to be responsible for their words and actions you empower them to choose and then own their choices.  When you take on the responsibility of how people feel, think, choose, act and speak, you limit their experience and disable their decision making abilities, not to mention create anxiety, frustration, regret and bitterness for yourself.

Like every powerful shift in life, it begins with awareness followed by choice and then action.  Notice how you show up.  Choose what you want from the experience.  Act accordingly.

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