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The Bag Lady Project

What is the Bag Lady Project?

I wanted to share with you a project I created 8 years ago with the help of clients, family and friends.  I started sewing homemade Xmas stockings for Santa’s Workshop and using the donations that were given, I would fill them with age-appropriate treasures so kids in need would wake up to an amazing Xmas gift.  As things progressed it was brought to my attention that there was a huge void for young people 13 – 16 years old at Santa’s workshop.  So I shifted gears and started sewing purse-bags and filling them with make-up, hair products, gloves, scarves, leg-warmers….anything age appropriate.

Who receives the gifts?

This year, the project has grown to include shaving kits for young men as well as the purse-bags for young girls and stockings for the younger kids.  With the help of friends and family donating money, I was able to deliver 150 units to Santa’s House….and it made the elves cry.  This is a project I would like to see grow into other communities and I am going to make that happen through Voice of Choice.

How do you fund the project?

A percentage of every Voice of Choice gathering will go directly to fund the Bag Lady Project in whatever community the event is held.  I will be creating bags to give out at the event so people can turn around and fill the bags themselves and deliver them at Xmas to either a Transition Home or Santa’s Workshop.

How can I help?

To date, we have sewn and delivered well over 500 amazing Xmas morning gifts to kids/families in need.  A special thank-you goes to my mom for sewing 100’s of stockings and to Karissa Pukas for donating thousands of dollars worth of make-up.  This wouldn’t be nearly as successful without their help!

I am always looking for help sewing and donating.  If you can help, please send me a note.  Thank you so much for reading this Blog Post.

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