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Voice of Choice – an inspired gathering for women.

Date and time: January 26th from 9am – 3:30pmish.

Location:  Little Red Church in Comox

Cost: $80/person or $75 if you sign up with one or more people. Pre-registration is required.  Payment by e-transfer or credit card.

Age: Minimum age is 14

Bring: Paper or journal, pen(s), your lunch if you plan to stay and play giant twister on the lunch break.

Guest speakers:  Voice ambassadors are Sandra Viney of The Atlas Café; Cathy Lewis of Extreme Ends, Sue Finneron and Kyla Dufresne of the Foxy Box Franchise.

The Voice of Choice is an inspired gathering for women, young and old, created to help them discover their voices and push the boundaries of their comfort zones.  To get re-acquainted with their inner child and to free the voice that has been silenced through the experiences of life.  The goal is to bridge the gap between assumptions and facts to create a new reality based on what is real, not the story that has been created in our minds based on the things we have experienced to date.  I encourage moms and daughters, sisters and BFF’s to come in pairs or groups because so much of our stories are based on what we mirror from those closest to us.

The driving force behind this gathering will be myself and my Voice Ambassadors coming together to move people in the direction of their joy through insight, exercises, tools and motivational stories. With these gifts, each person has the opportunity to choose outside of what they currently know.  Through different skills and activities individuals will learn how to free their voice AND learn to never silence it again.

My intention is to wake women and young girls up from the guilt and shame they have been massaged into believing so they can go on and share their gifts with the world without the fear of failure, rejection and the word no.  With the right words, insights and awareness’s, individuals can create new futures based on facts not assumptions; choice not should’s; deliberate action not auto-pilot; love not fear and future not past.

Image how your life would be different if you never started questioning your abilities, looks, body, thoughts, dreams, wishes, words, decisions, choices.  If you were the same person at 20 as you were at 2 or 50 as you were when you were 5.  We were born fat, bald and naked and we didn’t care – we learned shame, insecurities and low self-esteem.  And we can unlearn it to.

A percentage of this workshop will go to Mia’s Bag Lady Project, which creates beautiful hand sewn purses full of products for girls 13 – 16 years old.  The bags are taken to Santa’s Workshop to be given to families in need.

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