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Choice is the decision one makes based on a responsible awareness of what truly is. In other words, based on the facts and not interpretations, what is the best choice I can make in this moment being fully aware of the consequences of that decision.

Consequences include both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ outcomes. There is no right or wrong choice but rather a decision that you are willing to be fully responsible for once it is made. If our choice is at the effect of the decision then the outcome or reaction will be from a victim standpoint. If our choice is at the cause of a decision then the outcome or reaction will be one of ownership.

Every decision we are faced with requires a choice. Being fully aware of the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ impact of that choice, and how it aligns with your integrity, will determine whether you will be at peace or at war with that decision. Do you choose to win (ego) or do you choose responsibility (integrity)?

Choice is a powerful coaching conversation and I invite you to have that conversation with me.

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