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The full impact of compassion can never be underestimated and, if we all chose to be MORE compassionate, the world could change forever.

Compassion is the energy and intention we bring to any situation, person or relationship. It is the kindness, patience, warmth and wisdom we provide, without any expectations.

Not to be confused with sympathy, which is an expression of sorrow as a response to suffering, compassion is an expression of caring and of warmth to the same situation. It provides the space for empathy rather than apathy or sympathy.

Compassion without wisdom is dangerous. So too is wisdom without compassion. If we are compassionate without the wisdom to understand when we have given enough, we create the potential for burn-out and burden. If we provide wisdom with no regard for compassion, we create the potential for an environment of apathy, where being right is more important than being aware.

Moving through life is a dance between compassion AND wisdom. Knowing when to be more, or less, of either determines the experience you have in any given situation.

Compassion and wisdom are powerful coaching conversations and I invite you to have that conversation with me.

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