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Discipline is a state of improved behavior, whether it is physical, mental, spiritual or emotional, through a system of self-regulating actions.  Having a disciplined approach to all areas of life creates an environment of continuous upward achievements which support your values, your integrity and your purpose.

One of the most common areas of life we see a lack of discipline is in our physical well-being.  Our desire to exercise regularly, eat healthy, sleep enough, drink enough water and inspire self-care within our own lives.  This lack of discipline can permeate the rest of our life in ways so profound that we often choose to avoid the reality of it until it catches up to us.  Conditions such as diabetes, cancer, IBS, pre-mature aging, addictions, depression, low self-esteem and high blood pressure can all result from the inability to self-regulate.

Another example of how a lack of discipline shows up is the way we communicate with our significant others, kids and family.  Of course, they are the people closest to us, so they often see the side of us that is less than flattering at times.  If we can discipline ourselves to create space for more than one opinion or insight; leave expectations at the door; reserve judgment and listen, you have the capacity for an entirely different outcome.

Discipline is an essential ingredient in the recipe of a successful life.  Where would you like to create a more fulfilling area of life through a discipline and motivation?  I invite you to have that conversation with me.

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