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EMOTIONAL MUSTARD and how it flavours a relationship.

What does mustard have to do with relationships Mia?! Well....thank-you for asking!

Every relationship has a flavour or an energy 💥 to it. And, just like mustard that energy, or flavour, can enhance or detract from the experience. Let's take French's mustard as an example.

What do we know about French's mustard 🥪 ? It's cheap. It's a bit bitter. It stains your clothes and your skin if you're not careful. It has the most toxic food colouring created. It is full of additives which allow it to last - forever! It's predictable.

Now what about Grey Poupon? It's considered to be the condiment for the rich. It's French 🙄. It's made from whole grains. It has a very distinct flavour which enhances foods. It's moderately priced and easy to find. AND, it's notoriety includes several scenes from several movies.

How about Black Truffle 🍄 Mustard with Chablis White 🍷! This mustard is gourmet, top of the line and very indulgent. It has a very intense flavour and is extremely difficult to find. It's very expensive and includes ingredients not everyone would enjoy. It is unique. It's flavour is rich and earthy and it brings out the best in food. And, of course, it comes in a very fancy jar!

And, just like mustards our relationships can be cheap and bitter. They can be toxic and leave a stain. They can be full of fillers and additives. They can enhance a relationship. They an be very expensive and difficult to find. They can be intense and indulgent. The can be all natural or full of drama!

So, I'm curious - what flavour of mustard is your current personal relationship with your spouse, partner or significant other? I'd love to hear so please comment below and give us all a good laugh.

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