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We can all embrace, or blame, who we are today because of enculturation. As we grow, we adapt to our surroundings and learn from it, and then behave and act accordingly. Who we are today has so much to do with all of our mentors, peers and lessons in life to date.

"The process by which we leave our authentic self and become people that we are not - by taking on beliefs, values and behaviours from those around us - is known as enculturation. And, as we leave our true selves, morphing into our social selves, a gap begins to form. We leave our original nature and assume the false mask of personality".

Taken from the June 15th Daily Inspiration by Robin Sharma

What we learn, and the way we grow and adapt, begins with the way our parents act, speak, interact, communicate, share, love, express and mentor. This grows to include the kids and teachers at school. What they say and how we are treated begins to form the mask we create for ourselves. Introduce priests, coaches, instructors, boyfriends, girlfriends, step-parents, step-siblings, bosses, co-workers and the enculturation continues to magnify the gap we create based on who we think we should be.

On the other side of enculturation is authenticity. Embracing the greatness of who we truly were before society showed us that who we were wasn't good enough. There is a global movement, being led by women, which is guiding us back to the perfection and wholeness of who we once were and still are.

This too will be a form of enculturation for the generation being born today. And, I am so grateful my Granddaughter will be able to learn from all of our lessons.

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