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Expectation is a belief that someone or something, will or should, have a pre-determined outcome.  This often sets us up for disappointment.  When we enter any situation or relationship with a specific expectation and it isn’t met we feel a sense of disappointment, anger, frustration and maybe even resentment or bitterness.  When we do this repeatedly with the same person(s) or situation(s) we begin to believe the story we create in our minds.  ‘He doesn’t love me.”, ‘I’m not worth it.’, ‘Why can’t she see what I want.’, ‘That’s not what I was hoping for.’ And so forth.

When we release the burden of expectation and replace it with one of possibility and joy then whatever the outcome is, is perfect.  This sounds altruistic and impossible, especially for individuals who live a life full of expectation and disappointment.  But, like anything that you want to be good at, it takes practice.

When we remove the pressure of expectation from our way of living, we create the opportunity for curiosity, happiness and excitement because everything is unknown and full of possibility.

Expectation is a powerful coaching conversation and I invite you to have that conversation with me.

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