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Integrity is the line in the sand where you stand for what is right, rather than what is convenient, in that moment. Aligning the thoughts you think, with the words you speak and the actions you take. Integrity takes a tremendous amount of awareness, along with wisdom and compassion, for both yourself and others. Without integrity, we are a boat without a rudder, flowing through life in whatever direction the water moves with the least amount of resistance.

Living in integrity requires us to act from a place that is aligned with our values in EVERY situation. It is the internal consistency which we live life by. How you conduct yourself in a line-up that is not moving or at a concert; how you listen to the homeless person on the street and your daughter’s music teacher; your ability to tell the truth when the truth is hard; your desire to support someone who has hurt you.

It is not putting yourself in harm’s way or being at the effect of another human being or situation, it is about how you conduct yourself in the face of those situations which determines your commitment to integrity.

Integrity is a powerful coaching conversation and I invite you to have that conversation with me.

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