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Judgement is the conversation we have with ourselves about what is so. Sometimes our judgement seem so accurate, they become our reality. And worse, there are times in life when we believe the judgement others have about us are real.

One of the inherent flaws of the human brain is our ability to create stories in our minds that originate from our interpretations, and the remarkable thing about interpretation is that it is not real. Twenty people can look at the same thing and interpret it a different way. From this place of interpretation, they produce a judgement about that person, place or thing. Once that judgement has been made, it becomes the new reality for that person.

The fundamental defect in this process is the lens we look at the situation through, and we all have a set of lenses by which we view the world. Let’s say your lenses are green. If you take those lenses off and replace them with yellow lenses then the exact same thing looks entirely different. When we become aware of the lenses (contexts) by which we view the world, the interpretation, judgement and outcome of that situation becomes a choice. We can choose to see it this way, or we can choose to see it that way.

Becoming aware of your judgement is a powerful coaching conversation and I invite you to have that conversation with me.

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