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Living in the 'GREY' zone.

I've had several conversations recently which capture the concept of living in the 'GREY' zone. I also like to call it the '6 analogy'.

This is when a person, knowingly or unknowingly, avoids all the amazing colours, and shades of colours, as they travel through life. Preferring instead to stay in the confines of the 'grey' zone where everything is comfortable and predictable. The challenge with the 'grey' zone, or the '6 analogy' is there isn't a lot of room for a colourful and vibrant life.

The more I read, travel, explore and create, the more I grow. And the more I grow, the more time I spend experiencing the rich colours of conversations, experiences, relationships, laughter, creativity and life.

If you explore the different areas of life through the lens of colour, what colour do YOU see?


Family and friends

Significant other, partner, romance

Fun, recreation and travel


Money and fiscal responsibility

Personal growth

Physical environment - home and office


How adventurous, curious, exciting, passionate and fulfilling is each area? How are you using your greatness to tap into the potential that resides in the greens, blues and reds of life? What colour do you want each area of life to be?

Life is so short. It's so precious and it's such a gift. 🎁 I challenge you to consider how long you've been living in the 'grey' zone and what you want to do about it.

Happy contemplating!

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