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Living with Passion

Like all great scary stories about fear, they are created by our thoughts.  Over time those stories become our reality.  As adults, our boogeyman is the certainty that we can’t do something; we are not good enough; we might fail; it won’t work.  In these stories, our fears are what are hiding under our bed and the light that needs turning on is the courage to move towards those fears.  Living with passion is not the absence of fear but rather the courage to live a life which includes fear.  In choosing to move forward when things get uncomfortable, we create an environment of curiosity, excitement and possibility.  This pushes the boundaries of comfort which expands the magnitude of life and the impact we leave in and on this world.

There is no right or wrong way to live with passion.  It is the act of doing what fulfills you and leaves you feeling complete while imprinting the world around us in a positive way.  Some people’s way is subtle while others is more dramatic.  Regardless of how, passion is an energy source, not an energy leak.  It is born out of focused and determined actions based on a person’s strengths, skills, talents and life experiences.

Some people’s passion originates from an injustice that has been experienced and some people’s passion is born out of curiosity around what is possible. Passion is a fuel that propels individuals forward in life regardless of set-backs, fear and obstacles.  With passion there is purpose and direction and the energy to make anything possible.  Passionate people are curious, creative, independent, expressive and they excel when mediocrity will do.  They are a force of nature and when the power of that energy is released, ANTYHING is possible.  Mother Teresa.  Nelson Mandela.  Martin Luther King.  Lady Diana. P!nk.

We have one microscopic opportunity to create something amazing in the life we are living.  Big or small.  Major or minor.  Near or far.  Creative or cerebral.  It starts with a vision, supported by your core values and continues by staying true to who you are.

Mia is a 30 year veteran of the fitness industry and an accredited life coach.  She brings enormous passion to both work and play.  Discomfort is one of her prime motivators and as a coach, she will tirelessly push you to expand your comfort zone.

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