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YOU are not cancelled.

Change is not cancelled.

Your health is not cancelled.

Your relationships are not cancelled.

Mother Earth hasn't given up.

Personal growth has not stopped.

Creation is not cancelled.

Life hasn't stopped.

Collaboration isn't cancelled.

The Future isn't cancelled.


What are you doing with all of this time? There may never be another chapter like it in our lives - let's hope anyway. I encourage you to consider NOW is the time to discover your purpose and potential. To step into your greatness and share your gifts with the world around you. To find your voice and use it to make change as the world starts to spin again. To get clear on your values and how you measure them. To repair broken relationships and find forgiveness for other ones. To start that project you've been putting off until you have 'more time'.

Now is not the time to live below thought, binge watching Netflix and haunting the kitchen cupboards. It's not the time to sleep in every day and stay up late into the night. It's not the time to put off creating the future you have been craving for when the kids have moved out; the dog has died; the house is paid off; those 30 pounds are gone; the baby is in school; the promotion is yours.

Although this may seem like the most unlikeliest time to invest in yourself, I would encourage you to look at it from a different lens. There may be no better time. If you have the resources and the time - here is your invitation. I am opening up 3 spots to 3 women who are ready to make the leap.

Who is my ideal avatar? Likely you if you if you have read this far. You are highly motivated and intelligent but struggle with perfection and bouts of 'I'm not good enough'. You are a multi-tasking guru who effortlessly ensures everyone else's stuff is taken care of. You fear life is passing you by but you don't know how to grab onto it as it creeps on. You watch other people's lives and wish it were yours. You know you can do anything you set your mind to - if only you'd set your mind to it. You wonder why procrastination is such a beast. Your external environment doesn't match your internal environment. You know you are out of alignment but can't figure it out on your own.

I am not selling you information or time. I am providing an opportunity for you to create transformation and victories.

Here is what you can expect.

12 sessions over a minimum of 3 months.

3 projects in any area of life - career, business, health, relationships etc.

1 call per week with actions and practices declared.

Me as your accountability partner.

An e-workbook to complete as you do your work with me.

Clarify your values and metrics.

Distinguish your essence and your emotional guardians.

Define the survival strategies you use to keep yourself stuck.

$998.00/month for a minimum commitment of 3 months.

More. More. More.

Book your FREE Discovery Call today by filling out the 7 questions under the 'PRIVATE COACHING' drop down on the home page of or simply email me that you're ready @

I will schedule your call to happen within one week of

receiving your questionnaire.

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