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Harbor vs. Harvest

Where do you come from at work, in relationships and in life?  Are you about being right or about being inclusive?  Each strategy has a very predictable outcome.  One is very I-centered and one is very WE-centered.  Leaders/people who harbor fear, anxiety, knowledge and anger create an environment that produces dread, limitations and fear.  Leaders/people who harvest inclusion, curiosity, empowerment and appreciation create an environment that produces sharing, discovery and transformation.

Through the power of conversational intelligence, individuals can learn to communicate from a place of transformative conversations meant to share and discover rather than a place of transactional conversations meant to simply exchange information.

Companies which implement transformative conversations create a culture which supports transparency and allows individuals to share what is working and not working without any fear of repercussions.  In this environment the story is the same throughout the culture because everyone’s thoughts, ideas and concerns are encouraged and validated.  Even if an idea is not considered the ‘right’ one, the opportunity to share it, without being ridiculed or laughed at, encourages everyone to bring ALL of their ideas to the table.

Companies which implement transactional conversations only, create a culture of tell-yell-sell.  Where individuals are afraid to speak up and share because of potential back-lash.  This environment is strictly about ‘doing’ without any consideration for the input of others.

Within the transformative culture the neurochemistry which is produced allows the brain to open up to all possibility through trust, curiosity and co-creation.  On the other hand, the neurochemistry of the transactional culture produces low trust, informational power and MY success.  One culture creates space and the other one defines and owns space.

Which place would you rather work?  Which relationship would you rather be in?  Which one are you?

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