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How your communication style affects your work culture.

Masters of intelligent communication recognize when they are partnering and when they are not.  When they are not, they are able to reframe and redirect their conversations in a way that opens the space for productive dialogue rather than communication breakdown mired in assumptions and conflict.  A Leader’s ability to shift their communication style from ‘I’ and ‘protect’ to ‘WE’ and ‘co-create’ will change the communication environment from one of low trust to one of high trust.

In this environment of high trust, individuals feel open and safe enough to share ideas, concerns, needs and recommendations.  From a place of low trust, team members will withhold, blame, retreat and make excuses.

As a Conversational Intelligence Coach, I am trained in moving teams from a place of Level I Conversations (transactional and informational) through Level II Conversations (positional authority) into Level III Conversations (transformational) and it all starts with being aware of how your intentions and impact align.

In other words, if what you are wanting is not aligning with the outcome you desire then there is a breakdown in the way the information is being received.  In Level I Conversations and interactions the communicator is using Tell-Sell-Yell strategies to get their team to do what they want.  In this work culture, chances are slim that what the Leader wants will be what they get.  In this form of communication, the receivers of the information will go into protect mode using blame, excuses, retreat and withhold as their survival strategies.  In Level III Conversations and interactions, the communicator uses a Share-Discover-Partner strategy to get their team to create what is congruent with the intention moving forward.  In this work culture, what the Leader is looking to achieve is clearly articulated, while inviting the team to participate in the ‘how’.  This creates a work culture where the team is highly invested in the outcome, or the impact, being fully aligned with the intention.

It all starts with what type of conversations are taking place in your work place from 360 degrees.  If Level III Conversations are happening half way down the corporate ladder and Level I Conversations happening at the top of the corporate ladder, there will be 2 distinct work cultures happening.  Ironically, the breakdown will occur at the beginning of the corporate ladder where the most important decisions are being made.

My invitation is for you to reflect on how your communication style creates conflict or conversations in your work place.  Need help?  Contact me at for a candid conversation about creating powerful change in your work culture by aligning your intentions with impact, in-order-to generate the outcomes your company is striving for.

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